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Ruger only 45LC loads are over SAAMI limits.
Ligonierbill, are you jeopardizing our hobby to prove a point?
Of course not. With those revolvers the limit is case wall thickness.
The Ruger Blackhawks weakest spot is the 0.060" thickness between chambers. The Uberti Cattleman SAA clone is 0.045" between the chambers.
If someone saw that the 45 Colt was SAAMI registered at 14,000 psi and the published loads for the Ruger are 32,000 psi, then some might run their SAA at 24,000 psi.

Getting more power out of 7x57mm than max book loads for 280 or 7mmRM is no great trick. The limit is loose primer pockets.

But 9mm is just barely more powerful than 357 sig if they are both loaded to the maximum recoil of the same mas slide pistol.
The limit is recoil.
The word 'forum" does not mean "not criticizing books."
"Ad hominem fallacy" is not the same as point by point criticism of books. If you bought the book, and believe it all, it may FEEL like an ad hominem attack, but you might strive to accept other points of view may exist.
Are we a nation of competing ideas, or a nation of forced conformity of thought?

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