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Well, there are some considerations that I looked at.

1. Would anyone else have potential access to the firearm? If your spouse/kid/significant other can access it, you might not want to keep a loaded gun in there. (If EVERYONE who has access knows it is kept loaded, and WILL treat it properly, it's less of an issue.)
2. Do you handle the firearm on a regular basis? Loading, unloading, and cleaning are when most negligent discharges seem to occur. Even if you are normally careful, the more you handle a firearm, the greater the chance you will eventually screw up (which can be very bad when there isn't a safe backstop designed for absorbing bullets).
3. How much response time do you need? If you'll have ample warning to any intruders, etc, you will likely have time to rack the slide. If a short distance and only 1-2 barriers are between you and a threat, you might not want to HAVE to use both hands to get the weapon ready (or remember to do so).
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