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Originally Posted by Dragline45
The time it takes for you to rack that slide is enough for someone to get the jump on you and end your life.
And your response
Originally Posted by JD0x0
Really? Then with a chambered gun, the time it takes to raise the sights will also be too slow. Or the BG would be close enough to turn your loaded AND chambered pistol on you And you'll be dead. If the BG is close enough that you don't have enough time to rack your slide, you're probably screwed anyway.
Plenty of people have successfully defended themselves with a firearm in what I call "bad breath distance". If that gun did not have a round chambered it would have done them absolutely no good.

Here is a previous comment of yours.

Originally Posted by JD0x0
Personally I think people should leave their guns unchambered unless they know they are about to use their gun. It's just safer

Sure, sure. "It takes longer having to rack the slide" but sometimes that's all you need to get rid of a threat. The sound of a gun cocking can be enough to stop certain threats. In case it doesn't, you then have a bullet, in the chamber, ready to use, if you need to. .
Sorry but this to me screams ignorance and lack of proper training. No one knows when they will need to use a gun, if that was the case they wouldn't have been there in the first place. What you consider "safer" is indeed not. Just about every firearm trainer out there will contradict and disagree with you. If you do not feel safe carrying or handling a loaded firearm, perhaps firearm ownership is not in your best interest.

Originally Posted by JD0x0
What you are suggesting is that someone should leave a loaded chambered pistol, with the safety off, within reach of their bed, to be safe from a BG. Any other configuration would "take too long" as you stated before, you wouldn't have enough time to rack the slide. And with a time space so narrow, the BG would probably be within arms reach of your loaded gun, if you didn't hear him break in and don't have time to rack the slide.
I never mentioned safety on or off, but I absolutely suggest to leave a loaded pistol within reach of the bed. And not every situation is played out and written in stone. Sure there will be some instances where you will have plenty of time to grab your firearm and chamber a round, but there are plenty of cases where you may not. So it's good practice to leave any gun designated for home defense or carry with a round chambered.

Originally Posted by manta49
Could someone please come up with another saying to describe an unloaded firearm. A unloaded firearm is not a paperweight or a brick or all the other the things people describe them as.
If it really bothers you that much feel free to come up with another saying. You are vastly over thinking it and missing the point. When someone says an unloaded gun is an expensive paperweight, what they mean is if you go to use a gun when you need it and it is not loaded then it's no more useful than a paperweight.

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