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It seems every caliber discussion, pistol or rifle, ends up with someone grossly overloading a round to prove that a more powerful round is actually inferior. Recently I've seen posts with .45 Colt "Ruger only" loads from a SAA clone, 6.5x55 loads way over pressure (I checked Quickload), a guy loading 7x57 "slightly hotter" than .280 Remington, and now a 9 mm that tops the .357 Sig. Everyone is entitled to determine their own level of risk, but I sincerely hope none of these guys are shooting at public ranges. Just because they haven't met with disaster yet doesn't make it safe. I also hope those new reloaders here do not take these posts as evidence that industry specs are hokum. Oh, there's a safety margin built in, but that's for the bad piece of brass or the slightly off-spec lot of powder. I know, it's the lawyers. And the oil companies bought the design of the 100 mpg carburetor. No, it's called engineering. It's why airplanes are safe, modern buildings don't fall down, and why there is an amateur reloading industry. Boring old specifications. Please don't jeopardize our hobby to prove a point.
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