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It's either loaded and chambered, ready for me to pull the trigger, or it's unloaded and being cleaned. Any condition inbetween begs the question "why?". Is it "safer" not having a round chambered? No. It still won't fire unless you pull the trigger at the very least. In most autos you also have to de-activate one or more safeties.
Family members have being shot people mistaking them for intruders. I doint know about most people but I am not on the ball when woken in the middle of the night. So maybe the few seconds to load the firearm would give me time to make sure it was a real threat and not some family member going to the toilet. As others have said if a intruder can get that close to you in your house quick enough that you have not time to load a firearm then its not the firearm that's the problem its your house security that needs looked at.

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