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Newbie's First Gun / GP100

Hello everybody. I will soon be a first time gun owner and was looking for a home defense gun. I was set on getting a shotgun, but now (after much research) have decided that a revolver would actually be a better choice (though I still will eventually get a shotgun).
The Ruger GP100 looks like the perfect choice. Revolvers are supposed to be simple and extremely reliable, exactly what I'm looking for. Just wanted to ask if a 4" barrel is a good all around choice. Also, is .38 special ammo a good home defense round (enough stopping power)? I know a the 357 mag round will probably stop anything and everything, but I was wondering if the .38 would be easier to handle, less recoil (especially for the Mrs./wifey).
I would like to get a S & W j-frame (airweight) for concealed carry, but my priority right now is home defense.
I've chosen the 141 model (Blued, alloy steel). Thanks everyone.
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