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So I keep getting these emails from gunbroker I owe money/ I never sold anything or used gunbroker for a year. Past five months I been getting this.
Also they never sent me any letters (mail) just email, I would think if I did owe money they would send me a hand letter via mail(address on file)
I would really suspect a scam.

I got an email in my spam folder from Verizon, saying my "New Bill" was ready to be opened. I opened it, . . . there was a total of almost a thousand bucks on there, . . . for "Services".

I read through it all, . . . offering to take my credit card if I would only give them the numbers, security code, address, etc.

I kept thinking "Scam, . . . Scam, . . . Scam", . . . and finally figured it out. The email had a slightly different address than the "Real" Verizon.

I just deleted it, . . . never heard from them again. I shudder to think what kind of mess I would have fallen into if I had just blindly paid the charge.


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