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To create a safe buying / selling environment, sellers must verify their identity with us. Sellers will be charged a verification fee of $2.00 to go through a detailed security check. This process is required in order to be able to sell. We reserve the right to deny access to site features if we are unable to verify your identity.
I never sold anything and I never tried to sell anything. They insisted I give them my credit card number and authorize payment of $2.00 a month to continue being a member. At that time I had been a member for about four or five years and they dropped this bomb on me out of the blue. When I refused to give them access to my credit card they started threatening to freeze my account. After getting "reinstated" a couple of times and thinking it was all straightened out they demanded my info again. I still refused and asked them again to have whoever was fixing this problem every month to put a permanent fix in so it wouldn't keep happening. I guess the permanent fix was to lock me out! GB can still KMA!
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