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Yes, I consider the 357 Sig worthless for my purposes.
I can get more power out of hand loaded 9mm than I can from 357Sig.
The real limit in these pistols for advanced handloaders is not pressure, but recoil.
The 357 throws more gas in the forward direction.
I put a 48 pound triple recoil spring assembly I built in a Glock 19 9mm.
It could not handle half the power I could run through a Glock 19 barrel.
Recoil is the real limit.

And why neck down a 40 and then try to get it to expand back up to 40?
How silly is that?

You might make up some contrived circumstances where the 357S is better than either the 9mm handloaded or the 40: Shooting prairie dogs at 100 yards with a 357S converted 71 ounce Desert Eagle.
But how often are you going to do that?
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