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Dixie, I agree with all you have said. I feel like I'm going to shoot the barrel out before I get the darn thing to shoot right. I'm just disgusted because after reading about this rifle I though putting the action and barrel in a good stock would make it a sub MOA shooter. The harmonic issue with the brake on and off has turned out to be the least of this rifle's problem. The harmonic thing aside what has me thoroughly disgusted is the way this rifle is shooting. Here's the rundown. Worked up a load using Varget and 168 gr. SMK. Couldn't get it to shoot less than 1 1/2". Worked up loads with Varget and 175 SMK. Wound up with a load for brake on and another for brake off. The one that shot well with brake on didn't shoot well without the brake and vise verse. Without the brake it would shoot 1" with the load it liked and with the brake on it shot 1/2" or less. At least that's the way it seemed while working up the loads and until yesterday.

Started the day without the brake and the load it liked. I knew I would have to be re-zeroed since I had "everything" apart. First shot center 4" high. I though great. Things are going to work out. Cranked the scope down 4" and hit 2" low 1" left. Cranked scope up 2" hit 1" high 1" right. Next two went side by side center. Let the rifle cool. 1 1/2" high 1/2" right, 1 1/2 high 1" left then dead center. Decided to let it heat up. Center 1" left, center 1" right. Though damn it has to be me. Pulled the 06 out. Two shots dead center. Since the .308 had shot better with the brake on I put in on. First shot 8" low 1" left second 8" low 1/2" left. Thought well it just likes have the brake on. Adjusted scope. Couple more shots adjusted scope. Shot several hot and cold strings. One high right, one high left next is same hole high right then two in the same hole dead center then center left, low left round and round. Pulled the scope off the .308 and off the 06, checked the torque on the on the rail on the .308 and installed the 06 scope on it. Of course it was way off but I fired 5 shots and got a 1 1/2 group. Not good! Put the .308 scope the 06. Three shot group could be covered with a nickel. Two holes touching.

Put scope back on respective rifles. 06 (me) shot first shot 1/2 left center then two touching taking out the right corner of the 1/2 diamond.

Pulled the brake and shot 20 shots hot and cold barrel with the two different loads and could not get a group under 1 1/2". Put the brake back on and did the same. Best group was 1". Only got one 1" group all the others were well over 1".

I started the day with a dirty bore, 100 rounds down the tube. Cleaned after about 25 rounds and finished the day without cleaning again until I finished shooting. I want the smith to have a clean rifle to look at / work on.

I'm going to bring it to Don Gracie. He'll get it to shoot.
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