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Oh wow ... lulz Clark

I have had a couple 357 sig pistols for 10 years and I have reloaded for them.

I have not shot them or carried them in 10 years.

I consider them worthless compared to 40sw or 9mm +P++.
So you've had them for 10 years, reloaded for them for 10 years, have not shot or carried them in 10 years ... but you consider them worthless. Ummmmmm, wellllll, okayyyyyy.

There is so much irony in that post I had to lulz.

Clark considers the 357 worthless compared to 40 S&W or 9mm +P++?

*** is 9mm +P++? I've been instructing for almost two decades now, and have carried, on the job and/or CWP .... for at least the last 35 years. And oh, btw, I carry SIG 357 as do many other professionals, (sic: non-posers), that I know - and for the life of me I have no idea what the heck +P++ is - better yet, I'm fairly sure it does not exist and; if by some cosmic chance it actually does exist, then it must be a jackleg handload only an idiot would exceed SAMMI by enough to qualify it for a +P++ rating.

There are no words for what I am feeling about Clark's post. Only ...

What you think about, you do ... what you do, you become.
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