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while junk maybe junk , alot of the re-enactors are using them anymore .
over on Frontier folk Forum , there is near 40 pages of comments on the indian made guns , both pros and con.
here is the link

also i know a few folks who have bought the sxs flintlocks . past being heavy they do seem to like them .
i do own a 16 gagesxs caplock made in india . it is an early piece with all the proofing marks . locks ar hand made and rather crud but they do work and it shoots well .
but again , i would read what folks are saying in the link i posted . then decide for yourself .

most of what i see that comes up on gun broker or auction arms that are along the lines of the sea service or british officers pistols , are alot of times olg spanish Jukars or Ultra Hi, some times maruku . most are 12 gage and if you find one that sparks , your lucky
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