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as hawg said , its an import from india . i would recommend reading up on the Indian imports before you buy so your aware of the controversy . As was said , some are ok some are not .
Anymore you can get just about anything from Bess models to Tullie’s to flintlock SXS .all being imported from India .
Myself I would not buy one unless it was through one of the more reparable distributors .
The reason for that is that India has some pretty strict gun laws that require any gun to go through the government proof house . To get around that a lot of these are being imported as non firing curiosities. Thus you either have to drill the flash hole or the dealer pre drills it so as to make the gun firable.
Also not all of them are made by the same people in India . So its well worth finding out what your getting before you buy ..
As to 62 cal balls . You can get them through Track of the wolf , Dixie or any number of places . Or you can by your own mould and cast your own
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