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I don't really see that we are saying anything different to the link you have provided. I really do not want to split hairs here.
I offered that they were laws as I understood them both castle doctrine and stand your ground allow me to use deadly force to protect myself in my home or in my vehicle. Now perhaps I should clarify my previous statement regarding parking lots, I did not say I would be in the car/truck I thought that should be implied as such. I regret leaving assumptions on the table for misconceptions as such, if I am in my car/truck I am allowed by law in FL to use deadly force to protect myself with no duty to retreat.

and again, with no law degree in my possession I can only say that these are my opinions as such, and should be regarded as that. (IE if you get in trouble don't point to me an say HE SAID I COULD) this is why I state it is my opinion.

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