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Highly Recommended/LaserLyte Targets & Cartridge

Got my LaserLyte Trainer Targets and 9mm Laser Cartridge yesterday.

Dropped it into a 5906 and went to town. Talk about practicing trigger control. Every shot is a long full 1st shot type double-action. The gun is heavy enough to simulate a fully loaded Glock or other tupperware.

The Laser Cartridge was perfectly aligned for the distance I was working with (7 to 10 yards). The Trainer Targets get to be old in the same position so one has to move them around the room. The Reaction Time mode was a challenge. Overall, I'd rate this product a 9.5. My only recommendation for improvement would be to have the shots tracked the way a real target would show the bullet holes. However, the targets are small enough that a miss is a miss and a hit will be a part of a 3 inch group.

In these days of 30 to 50 cents per round for 9mm, it pays for itself fairly quickly even if one only shoots a few hundred rounds a month. Total cost was right around $200 for the set-up. Up until a couple of years ago, I used to shoot about 300 rounds per range session, and I went to the range at least once if not twice a week. For me, the set-up would have paid for itself in a 3 range visits or 2 weeks.
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