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Concur on Taurus, Rossi, & LLama. I would like to add RG & Arminius.
It depends on why you want them. In the OP's quest for a central lifer, then this is probably true. If you are just looking for something fun, the opposite can be true.

In my case, I was buying ammo a few months ago and saw an old Arminius .32 7-shooter in the case for under $200. Being a Vermonter, there is no restriction other than being an adult and passing the mandatory federal background check. So I haggled to shave off $50 and took it home. I cleaned it up and took it out to the woods. It snaps like a cap gun and puts those little .32 S&W Longs right where I want them. (I'm certain that children, the elderly, or the infirm could join me for some plinking without issue.) I also won't be totally heartbroken if, say, a new shooter drops it in a swamp or it gets rained on in the woods. I think this will be an excellent varmint pistol too.

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