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I just think the DA/SA setup is totally unnecessary--it solves no problem that I have, plus I now find Sigs to be all cluttered up with buttons and levers and stuff.
I no longer distinguish between DA/SA, Glock's action, or striker fired. They are all the same to me. The first shot has a longer trigger pull and the reset is for all subsequent shots. Sometimes the first pull is longer and heavier (SIG) or it is lighter (Glock, M&P, etc).

I do distinguish between those mentioned and any gun that has a long or full length reset. My technique must then change to account for the trigger's requirement of full forward movement before the next shot.

Revolvers are a different game due to the manual nature of the action. I will likely change that opinion after 10,000 rounds of practice.

Other than that, not distinguishing between similar types allows me to shoot any gun in the same class without thinking about the trigger beyond weight and length.
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