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One thing I might recommend on this, if you are not going to have the revolver where it could gather dirt inside, is you might apply a little thin white moly grease on the safety linkage. If its in a clean enough environment, it wont trap dirt, and help that slide. I always ask the owner first on this, but if it will be kept clean, then I add that. Also, a small drop of oil on the hammer and trigger pins, the cylinder bolt screw, rebound lever pin, and the hammer stirrup pin, will free things up a bit too. I use a needle oiler for this.
I used to use white grease on my Dillion 550b in the grease fittings I added (drilled out the oil holes and taped for the fittings). I found the the white grease seemed to dry out and become stiff...I do not know if it was the brand I was using, but I switched to standard Black Lithium grease for the Dillion and I keep a small can of Blue Wheel Bearing grease on my gun table for use on auto slides etc. At one time I had access to clear Silicone grease but I do not have any of that around now. As for oil, I have Rem Oil (and hope that the advertising is not just hype and the Teflon in it actually doing something).
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