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After being on GB for about five years they sent me a notice that I owed them $2.00 and if I didn't pay they'd freeze my account. After much difficulty I finally got them to drop the fee. Next month got another notice I owed them money. This happened about four times and finally they explained that as a "seller" on GB I had to pay a monthly fee. I explained that I'd never sold anything on GB and in fact, never attempted to sell anything on GB and that after five years of just looking I didn't understand why they were trying to charge me for something I wasn't doing. They got all porky about it and said if I didn't pay they'd freeze the account. I told them to KMA. Around that time I saw a number of posts from other people in the same boat. It was either a deliberate attempt on GB's part to get money or they were too stupid to fix their mistake and straighten it out. Either way, after about four months of that BS I had enough of GB to last me a lifetime.
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