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OK, we differ.

People have limitations but those limitations are internal. There are no external factors that keep people from achieving something. Whatever is keeping the guy next to me from making that 100 yd shot and allowing me to make it is internal to both of us. He says "I can't". I say "I can".
People can make backwards-cross court basket ball shots but the odds are low so it's usually not a wise move strategically because they will most likely fail. In a controlled environment trained performers can do this fairly regularly but under attack not so much. They can get mantra beads and chant "I can" all years but odds are still fail.

Shooting a snub nose at 100yds in an unfamiliar "combat" situation a human is going to have a decent sized group larger then a persons chest cavity. So it just turns into odds and groups size. The odds are most likely more then 1 in 5.
What odds does someone want to fight and gamble their life on?

Limitations are real and psychical people can only hold breath for so long because of lung size, or run so far with out water. A person can improve limitations but the limitations are still there.
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