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Chasingwhitetail, I'm from CT as well. You don't need a pistol permit or have to fill out any FFL forms. I bought my 1858 and 1860 on Cabelas website and they were shipped to my door!

I researched this site, as well as others, to determine everything I needed.

From Cabelas:
1. Traditions .454 balls
2. Greased wads
3. Remington powder flask (Pedersoli)
4. A can of both 777 and Pyrodex P (both work well for me)
5. I got an assortment of 18 to 40 grain spouts for my flask from Ebay
6. Ballistol
7. There were no Remington #10 caps on Cabelas so I ordered them elsewhere, but can't remember where.

Ah, here:
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