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Wonder how much of the reloading gear is being bought by people who will never use it.
Like the folks who bought ammo for guns they don't have.
Panic buying makes weird and strange things happen in the market place.
If it weren't aggravating, it would be entertaining.
Or the folks who bought guns they had no intention of using. Instead, they were expecting some kind of a ban so they could cash in (forgetting that any future legislation may not allow transfers as previous incarnations did).

Those folks are beginning to catch it in the shorts. The AR/other Evil Black Rifle market has come back to something approximating normalcy. Ammo is beginning to. Reloading equipment and components aren't there yet but will eventually get there.

Some folks are going to end up sitting on huge caches of .22LR they bought at $50/brick planning to sell them for double that. Or on components they'll never use.
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