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I do note that while the Slamfire went on and on he did not address the fact that the Corp never turned theirs in and that was not an issue.
What brought you to the conclusion that these were not an issue in any way?

I keep hopping to find one of those low serial 1903s so I can buy it.
What, you have no skin in the game!? At least HugoEstupido has a low number and is shooting it. Given that there were more “good” low number receivers than bad the odds are good he will get away with it. But, as long as he keeps on banging away, there is the chance, a small chance, that he has one of those structurally defective low numbers, and then, the more he shoots it, the better his chances of winning a Darwin award.

I want to encourage you to find and buy a low number. After giving advice on how safe these are, you need to put your one and only head behind one of these receivers and shoot it. Shoot it a lot. Lets see what happens.

Here is a start, bid price right now $400

Springfield Armory M1903, low serial number. Rifle is in overall very good condition, bore is excellent, smooth, good rifling, no pitting/rust/rough spots. Barrel is SA marked and with a 9-09 date. Serial number is in the 184,000 range, so I'm pretty sure this is the original barrel. Stock is pretty good, just the usual character you'd expect on a 100+ year old rifle. Proof P is there, but I can't find any evidence of any other cartouche or stamps. No cracks or chips. The pics tell the rest of the story and of course it's a "Low number" for what it's worth. Item is for sale local and subject to sale if the reserve is not met. Any questions, feel free to ask.
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