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Originally Posted by baddarryl
What is the pace of rounds at Appleseed?
I've been an Appleseed instructor for a while, and my observation has been that bolt actions make the Appleseed a little more difficult for new shooters, but not that big of a deal if you're a practiced shooter. The second and third stages are what hurts the new bolt gunners. I shoot in the 230's with my 10/22 semi or CZ452 bolt gun, doesn't make any difference which one I'm shooting. I shoot in the low 220's with my S&W M&P 15-22, the sling seems to flex the barrel in the plastic receiver and it won't group as consistently as the other 2.

First stage is 10 shots standing in 2 minutes. Easy with a bolt gun.

Second stage is 55 seconds. Start standing, drop to sitting or kneeling. Shoot 2 rounds, mandatory reload, then shoot 8 rounds. Bolt guns usually have a problem with this stage. Getting into position and reloading eats up at least 5 seconds, so you have to average a shot every 4 seconds or so.

Third stage is 65 seconds. Start standing, drop to prone. Shoot 2 shots, mandatory reload, then 8 shots. Bolt guns usually have a problem here also. Working the bolt from the prone position seems to cause the most problems. You have to break then re-acquire your NPOA (natural point of aim) every time you work the bolt, many people who are learning the fundamentals just can't do it fast enough.

Last stage is 10 shots in 4 minutes from prone. Easy for a bolt gun.

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