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There are Gen 1, Gen 2,and Gen 3 night scopes/optics available and you get what you pay for. I have a decent Gen 1 scope on my .22 rifle that I use around the house at night for raccoons and armadillos and I have become proficient with it's use to 50 yards on small targets but once you get past 100 yards it's a pretty poor optic even for a large objects. Some of the gen 3 units are like looking through a scope in daylight but can be pretty expensive. If you look through all the night vision forums you will generally get the recommendation to save up and eventually get a gen 3 unit rather than spend money on lesser units along the way. Once you look through a gen 3 unit all the others appear pretty grainy and much darker. Read up a lot before you buy and find as many reviews as you can on the unit you decide to buy. Even a tier 1 Gen 1 with a good tube and secondary infra-red light can run near 1k. I am lusting after a Gen 3 scope right now that costs 6k but will eventually settle for less. I do not hunt enough or have many places at night to shoot without the neighbors calling the authorities. It would sit 99.9% of the time and get little to no use. My Gen 1 gets used all the time in the smaller area around my house out here in the country.
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