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Follow up

What is the follow up to this unfortunate incident of teacher zealousness and ignorance leading to court action? Due to the loss of face and effective authority, the school board and/or school will revise zero tolerance policies and definitions to include suggestive messages (NRA t-shirts for example) and other forms of innocent action (pop tarts bitten into the shape of a handgun). If this happens then anything remotely suggesting a firearms will be grounds for disciplinary action or police/court intervention.

Observation of teacher behavior applicable to quite a few in the profession:

After retiring from industry I tried teaching at the secondary level. Physics was my subject but I did not continue after student teaching and certification. Why? First of all the monotony after a military and industry career was too much to bear. Students were no different in character and behavior than my days as a high school student. Teachers who began their careers in their 20's, however, were seen through a mature set of eyes and some of them seemed not much more mature than the students. Hence the Logan teacher who pressed a situation through "immature" reasoning. His misplaced authority was questioned and he lost face leading to escalation, student arrest, and court.

Teachers are under appreciated and certainly under paid and this unfortunately leads to a profession that is a bit less than professional - as explained in the basic education course in teacher's college. My sympathies reach out to the student and also to the teacher who instigated this mess.
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