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There were a couple of responses to my referring to "splatter plates" earlier in this thread. It sort of got me thinking I was all wet, so I went back and watched Jordan again shooting his normal routine of necco wafers, aspirins, etc., in the video "Fast and Fancy Shooters" by Col. Rex Applegate. If you will take the time to watch him again, you will notice a metal plate on the table under his targets. This plate not only protected the table, it allowed him to shoot basically under his intended target and still hit it with the wax "splatter".
I meant none of this to demean Mr. Jordan or make light of his abilities as I was an admirer of his also, I just was pointing out that fact that his wax bullets didn't have to directly hit his target to be effective.
This subject sort of started with the conversation involving shooting a 2" revolver at 100 yds and breaking a baloon by another shooter. If I am not mistaken, you will notice a steel plate behind that baloon that dispersed the lead and broke the baloon. Still some pretty impressive shooting that I couldn't duplicate, but splatter plates were fairly common with some of the exhibition shooters.
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