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Die set production...why a shortage?

A comment about the "shortage". I understand the scare a few months ago, caused people to make a massive run on ammo, thus the manufacturers can't keep up with demand. I understand the same scare causes alot of people to go into reloading, thus causing another shortage in components. But can somebody please help me understand why Hornady die sets would have a backorder date, postponed for a second time(I've had these die sets ordered since April). This is the third "expected due date" I've faced since original order. Not trying to pick on Hornady, but they're part of my situation. OK here's my delema. Hornady is a pretty sizable company. They have a factory that builds there dies sets. They aren't building for example, 1 resizing die at a time...I would think they process perhaps dozens of this particular die in one step? So in a day's time, how many could they put out? I guess what I'm getting at is, I can understand ammo manufacturers being in full production, and not keeping up with demand. Alot of people reordering(hoarding). But when a person buys a die set...that's for life...he won't be reordering. How can there be THAT much demand on die sets to where a company would be in a triple backorder situation? It just doesn't make sense to me.
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