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Anyone make their own holsters? I've been doing some research. I'm pretty sure I'm capable of doing it, but I got one question. Will lacing and glue work ok? Seems like it would be the easiest to do compared to stitching. I considered rivets but I'm not sure I'd like the way it would look. I like the idea of lacing, less tools, less time, and I think it would look the best. But how will it hold up?
Your question begs the question: What do you wish to accomplish from making your own holster? If you are looking for a satisfying Hobby, than leather work will provide that. If you are looking for a holster that is not in current production, you can likely accomplish that also. However, if you looking for a quality holster at a lesser price because you made it yourself, given the price of supplies (leather, thread, dye, etc.), and the price of tools, (needles, skiving tool, burnisher, awl, stamps, groove spacer, etc.), you will have more money in your project than what you would have paid for a top of the line, commercial holster.
If you want to make holsters for sale, you will find that there is too many man-hours involved and the stuff is too expensive to produce a holster at a price which people are willing to pay. I have sold a few on Gunbroker, and Ebay, but came nowhere near breaking even, let alone making a profit. I did not intend on making an enterprise out of it, but after making holsters for my own use, made others as more of a hobby.
However, the upside of working with leather is that, as you have already figured out, not all that hard, and there is a lot of satisfaction from making your own accouterments.
You can save on the costs somewhat by paying attention to the sale fliers that Tandy Leather sends out about once a month...they send the fliers once you have purchased something from them.
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