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Actually, bullets leaving a range property are fine -- it is called "safety fan" design. It has been the norm for most of our history. America has (had?) alot of land unless people are trying to get the hell away from cities like NY, Philly, Washington, Detroit, Boston, Chicago, etc. Then encroachment, people moving into previously expected-unlikely-to-be-populated areas where moderate range containment measures existed, has put pressure on ranges where they are being squeezed into expensive modifications and out of business. Especially where the Leftys can leverage it or someone thinks they can sue and get a few bucks or close a 50-yr.-old range right after they build a McMansion and move in...

Here, we arrested one guy for filing a false police report about a .45 ACP bullet from a nearby range slamming into his wheelbarrow as he pushed it, "nearly killing him." It had to be an obvious 50 years old from the weathering...

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