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The stress and chaos and life or death is at stake whether the good guy is a pistolero deluxe or a novice that took a class a year ago.

I'll choose the pistolero for my team.

It would depend for me. In a life or death situation the gun is just one factor. Many people fall apart mentally when it comes down to it.
The GUN isn't the deciding factor in my statement above. The "Pistolero" (that's a person) is. To suggest that a well trained pistol shooter is somehow LESS prepared or reliable in a combat situation than a novice who took a class a year ago is just plain goofy thinking, IMO. BOTH shooters (novice and expert) face the same stresses under combat. I'll take an expert shooter under stress over a novice shooter under stress any day.

Many things are possible especially with training but people have limitations.
OK, we differ.

People have limitations but those limitations are internal. There are no external factors that keep people from achieving something. Whatever is keeping the guy next to me from making that 100 yd shot and allowing me to make it is internal to both of us. He says "I can't". I say "I can".

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