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Good gear but I don't know about ordering

I have never ordered anything from Wild Bill's shop but have a holster (fusion paddle) for a P220 I bought at a Raleigh NC gun shop more than 5-years ago. I have been very happy with the holster. It conceals the SIG pretty well and I carried it recently under a silk shirt (Hawaiian style but no flowers) while visiting my son (who also has a carry permit). At the end of the day, I comment that I was carrying the SIG and he replied that he hadn't noticed.

Anyway, I needed some new holsters and after looking at some options decided to look at Wild Bill's site. Noticed that there was a gun show in my town this weekend. I had never attended a gun show but went just to buy holsters. I almost didn't find their table but finally spotted them. I picked up a paddle fusion for a Dan Wesson CCO, a scarab for a Glock 19/23, and a slide for a Kahr 40. Also purchased a double mag pouch for the Glocks.

Anyway, I think Wild Bill's leather is an excellent buy. The young woman who waited on me was very nice. I didn't ask her about the bad rep on the web but did ask about the shop. They now have five people working and they did have lots of inventory.

My experience with buying holsters is that most of the time you wait. I ordered a Milt Sparks summertime special back in the 80's for a Colt Officer's model and waited many weeks. (This was so long ago that Milt Sparks answer the phone himself and chatted with me for a while.)

I recently ordered holsters from Alabama Holsters and waited 4-months. I have an order out for two custom Kydex holsters and it is going to take close to a year. I haven't even received an email from that maker but trust him based on previous experience and his excellent reputation.

I am not trying to argue that Wild Bill's is a place you should order from but if you are in NC or VA, I would check his stuff out at gun shows and his products are also being sold at more stores in NC.

I have a Kramer belt and am getting ready to order a Kramer horsehide scarab for a full sized 1911. I will post some observations about the quality of WB's work compared to Kramer.

I have lots of holsters as most people do and do think that if you can buy Bill's stuff face to face, it is a bargain.
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