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Talo 357, 5"

A while back you guys were instrumental in helping me to decide on a 357. If you saw the thread you would know that I ended up with a 5" S&W Talo 7 shot. Yesterday I was able to find half an hour between the storms to get out and give it a shot. I am very impressed. The grips are comfortable although a bit thin for my grip. I found the gun to have a fantastic SA trigger and a VG DA trigger. On the 15yd range off hand I had no problem with 2" groups using Independance 158 JSP and 125 Remington JSP. Im sure this fine handgun is capable of far better than I can deliver. My son (16) and I had a blast repeatably blasting some 3" aluminum discs I had as well as some old baseballs. The gun is IMO beautiful. SS with a unfluted 7rnd cylinder. I would buy the same gun over again in an instant.
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