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permit comes soon tips anyone?

Originally Posted by ClydeFrog View Post
By Ka-Bar do you mean the TDI format designed by a retired LE officer or the USMC combat type?
I'm thinking of buying the large Tanto style TDI knife with serrated edge for security jobs.

It's always handy to have a small knife with you.
Yes, Ka-Bar but I have a small folder for utility. The Kbar is strictly defensive tool. They are sharp enough to shave with and want to keep that way. I got the large and small fixed blade to carry and a folder for the heck of it. I've never carried either fixed and always carry the folder. I like that the clip shows even with jacket, so it can't be considered concealed. CCW in my state is for pistol, knives of that type are a demonized no no. ? Go figure.!
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