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Scope mounting question strictly out of curiosity.

Why do most people mount their scope rings with the nuts facing the right side/ejection port? Being right handed I did the same with the first couple of scopes I mounted because it just seemed natural. Every-time I've purchases a scoped rifle or let the people at the fun store mount a scope the rings have always been installed with the nuts towards the right side of the rifle, loading/ejection port side. Not that it's that big a deal, some time back I started mounting the rings with the nuts facing left. I find it makes for a less clutters loading/ejection port. I've also noticed that on quick release mounts the release leavers are usually pictured facing left.

I don't believe it really makes any difference but am curious as to why most people seem to mount with the nuts to the right. Is it just because most of us are right handed and it just seems easier?
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