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The stress and chaos and life or death is at stake whether the good guy is a pistolero deluxe or a novice that took a class a year ago.

I'll choose the pistolero for my team.
It would depend for me. In a life or death situation the gun is just one factor. Many people fall apart mentally when it comes down to it.

I'm not saying, and I don't think anyone said that 100 yds is a realistic combat range for a home invasion or carjacking or ATM robbery. All I'm saying is that normal people, with the proper mindset and enough practice, can do things that people withOUT that mindset and practice don't believe is possible.

You're looking for an argument with me that doesn't exist.
I'm not really looking for an argument I am just taking the other end of the spectrum in the discussion.

People are talking about some large distances for a snub nose in "combat" shooting for me it would be much less. I would also question many trick shooters performance under life or death stress.

Many things are possible especially with training but people have limitations.
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