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rules of gunfighting.....

There are a few basic rules of gunfighting in the modern US era....
1) Have a gun. It sounds simple but a license or carry permit is not going to protect you or save you in a lethal force event. Carrying a loaded firearm means carrying it on your person & being fully ready or able to deploy it quickly if required.
Cases, bags, sacks, etc are okay for back ups or second guns but always carry a firearm on you if you choose to get a concealed license.
2) Use enough gun. "Mouseguns" or small/pocket size calibers under .380acp are not ideal for full scale defense. They may seem cute or handy but in 2013, they are no serious match to a .40S&W, a .45acp, a .357magnum, a .357sig, 10mm, etc. You can train or learn how to carry a defense caliber pistol or revolver. Your main goal is to stop the threat, not pump round after round of .25acp or .22LR into a violent subject.
3) Learn how to use your gun. Skill training and tactics are a part of a concealed carry plan. There are many books, classes, videos, courses out there. Top programs or instructors are worth the $$$ if you have the time to train. Hollywood cop shows or action films are not real firearms training.

I'd add that you should always use high quality, factory made ammunition for concealed carry or home defense. No reloads or hand loaded ammunition. Keep a round or 2 from the box of your carry ammunition too. You can save it to be able to show your lawyer or legal team how it was made or when the lot left the factory(ballistics T&Es). It may not come up but its better to be prepared if the issue is raised in open court or a LE investigation.
I'd also say that you should buy top quality kit and use well made gear. A cheap holster that breaks in 6 weeks or a magazine holder that falls apart isn't a real value. Don't cut corners. It's your safety or the safety & welfare of your family that's at risk.
Keep your weapons & equipment clean. Check or inspect your weapon each time you get ready to carry it.

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