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And a different take on the same subject. I was fortunate enough to get a chance at a gun that was built to be a collectible, and I just mentioned it in another active topic in the revolver forum. It's a Smith & Wesson 19-3, Texas Rangers Commemorative, 4" .357 Magnum. Special features not typically available on model 19's of the day and with a classy wooden presentation box -and- an extremely heavy and gaudy hunting knife with the same serial number as the revolver.

The gun was either unfired -- or fired so very little that there was no evidence that it ever had been. However, the cylinder had a drag line so it had been "played with" a good bit. Worse, the left grip panel had some of the outermost lacquer coating dinged off by cases having had been ejected from the cylinder.

Point is, this "collectible" revolver was no longer dead-mint. So in my opinion, it could never possibly carry whatever "value" it might have had as a "collectible."

I got a decent price on it that seems like a STEAL now, but it was 3 years ago that I got it. And man, I -shoot- it and plan to shoot it more and MORE and it may be my favorite Smith & Wesson revolver. I can't see how I'd ever be talked out of this one.

For the right money, I'd be thrilled to sell the box and the gaudy knife, even though I'd be "splitting it up." Again, nothing anywhere close to any regrets.
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