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Like I said, some don't really care and some do. You made it clear where you stand Tom. Thanks for showing me.
Glad to help! Just remember, it isn't Van Halen if Sammy Hagar's at the mic.

I've heard this many times and because I've heard it here and from folks who's knowledge I genuinely respect, I simply cannot discount it as if it's just an "internet rumor"
It's going to be subjective. I grew up with the Bangor Punta guns. Some were impeccable. Most were good. Some left me scratching my head and wondering how they got through quality control.

What I've seen in the post-2000 guns is greater consistency. I attribute some of that to CNC.

It's hard to do a 1:1 comparison because we're all going to have different pools of guns to compare, but I can think of a couple of examples from my experience. I saw at least ten Bangor Punta era guns that came out of the factory with over- or under-torqued barrels, resulting in the front sight being out of alignment. I've only ever seen that on one of the newer guns.

I have seen one of the locks fail, and I've heard at least two other credible accounts of them failing. On the other hand, I saw several of the older guns with bent hammers that dragged the frame, and I saw at least three in which the hammer blocks were misaligned under the sideplates, causing them to drag.

Thing is, I've been in the business for a few years, and I see tons of the newer guns come and go. From my particular vantage point, the newer guns are overwhelmingly solid.
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