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focusing on gear, rather than skills
Before either you or I arrived at this forum, it was a place to discuss either... or both. I believe it still is. Actually, if threads solely focused on gear with absolutely zero thought to skills aren't tasty... this might not be an enjoyable place to spend time. (because we've got many)
I'm just pointing out that if one wants to shoot, shoot. Everyone's got their preferences, which I respect, but these Lock & MIM threads have a self-limiting way of focusing on gear, rather than skills. If you want (or need) more of the latter, preLock/Lock, MIM, new/old issues aren't very important.
Perhaps -- however, you did notice the thread title, correct?
I mean, it's not like we are discussing "the L-frame in competition" and it has since derailed in to a "country's goin' in to the toilet and my wheelgun has a balloon-knot on the port side" discussion.

It's...actually a discussion about the lock, how to identify it, and why some (many?) folks look for they know to just keep looking.
On the other hand, I've seen more issues with the Bangor Punta-era guns than any other group taken as a whole.
I've heard this many times and because I've heard it here and from folks who's knowledge I genuinely respect, I simply cannot discount it as if it's just an "internet rumor" (aka, easy way to write something off just because you want to) but of the handful of Smith & Wesson revolvers that I own... of course it ends up being a Model 19-3 that sure seems to be the "best" of them all. Could be because that particular B-P era 'Smith was produced as a commemorative, I don't know, but I *think* I know what I'm looking for, and it's my...uhhh... "finest" ?!

'21, '74, '82, '88, '89, '94, 2001. I like all of them. I suppose the "shoddiest" one I have owned was a 1979, and it wasn't what I would call "shoddy." I'm unsure if '79 was Bangor Punta era or not.

Of course, great ones and less-so examples have certainly come from any/every different "generation" of Smith & Wesson revolvers. It makes for interesting discussion.
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