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Originally Posted by Sevens
I think you are mistaken, and you might consider your own preferences in a Smith & Wesson revolver as an example. I know that there is a particular engineering number of the 686 that you yourself prefer over all the others -- you've mentioned this in the past.
You have a good memory. Mostly. I mainly shoot a 686, and it's true my preference is for the -5 variant, but my primary gun is a -6, with The Lock. It's what I happened to have well before I stumbled on my -5, and saw no reason to relegate it to backup status just because of the lock.

Originally Posted by Sevens
And I'm not wasting my time trying to convince anyone else in this thread that my favorite should be anyone else's.
Neither am I. I'm just pointing out that if one wants to shoot, shoot. Everyone's got their preferences, which I respect, but these Lock & MIM threads have a self-limiting way of focusing on gear, rather than skills. If you want (or need) more of the latter, preLock/Lock, MIM, new/old issues aren't very important.
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