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The guys who actually shoot a revolver really well generally don't care
Mr. Borland, given your background, let me fix it...especially for you.
"The guys who shoot a revolver in competition, when there is nothing shooting back, don't care."

Those of us who dislike the ILS do so because it is an additional and totally unnecessary potential failure point.

Many of us have owned or carried pistols or revolvers since long before S&W added the ILS.

And some of us have an engineering background and understand "how things work"...

This is not an S&W thing, per se. I also asked Springfield to remove the ILS from the EMP I bought (when I suspected it was instrumental in the light strikes). They did so, without any questions.

I sold the Ruger MKIII I got a killer deal on...because the "lawyer crap" was interfering with both the operation of, and my enjoyment of, a strictly range gun.

As stated, the ILS can be removed and "Plugged"...or you can buy an earlier pre-ILS model (and in some instances, a modern S&W without The Lock).

Make up your own mind, and buy/act accordingly. Just make sure you have all the facts on your side (that means doing some research beyond this one thread) and then make an informed decision.

And for the record, being called a "hen" by someone I once respected does not change my mind or lessen my resolve.

It only diminishes the regard I once had for that individual...and the type of person who tries to win arguments by stooping to calling others names. That is a tactic The Left uses frequently, and to good effect (frequently unopposed.

Sad to see a TFL member using that tactic.

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