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If someone can learn to shoot aspirins at 10 feet, doesn't it stand to reason that someone can learn to shoot sillhouette sized targets at 25-50-100+ yards?
Absolutely. But he may shoot 100,000 rounds a year for ten years to get there...and that is not in the cards for most of us.

So we practice (what each of us considers) a reasonable amount, do some dry firing, maybe take a class when we can afford it. Some of us handload to increase the amount of shooting we can afford to do.

But none of us has an unlimited budget of time, money or ammo. And so each of us arrives at a certain proficiency level that may rise or fall, year in, year out. That is simply part of life. While we would each like to reach the level of Jerry Miculek, Bill Jordan, Todd Jarrett (fill in the blank) that is not a realistic expectation for 99.99% of us.

That is not making excuses--it is facing reality.
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