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Originally Posted by Mobuck
My take is fairly simple. You're cranking on the barrel to remove/install the brake AND you're tinkering with the scope during the same operation.
I'm doing both whether installing or removing the brake. But the anomaly only occurs when "removing" the brake. Anomaly occurs even if scope isn't doped.

General info for everyone; I wrote about checking everything to make sure things were clean and tight a couple of rang trips back. Scope rail screws and holes were cleaned with Acetone and "Red" LocTite applied when rifle was first put together. Yes I use Red on my scope bases and will explain why in a minute. Ring screws had been Blue LocTit'ed. Action screws torque was checked (no LocTite on action screws). Rifle was shooting MOA or less both with and without brake.

Went to the range Wednesday and the rifle would put three shots in the same hole then throw a couple. Let rifle cool and it throw two then shoot one center than throw a couple more. Did similarly through 60 rounds. Now remember the week before it was shooting MOA and better all day. I was ready to throw it in the trash on the way home this week. When I got home I decided to check everything and pull it apart if necessary. Ended up doing just that. First thing I checked was the rail screws. One front was slightly loose and both rear were loose. I gave the holes and screws a VERY good cleaning with Action, Red LodTight and torqed to 20 in. # as per manufacture's instruction.... Again! I then checked the cap screws. Found three on the rear an one on the front 1/16 to 1/32 turn loose. Torqued to 15 in. #. Pulled action. Screws were tight. Pulled them anyway then Re-torqued to 55 Ft. # as per B&C instructions.

I use Red LocTite on the rail because I had my 06 rail shake loose twice when using Blue and I've never had a problem getting the Red to break loose when I've wanted to remove the rail. If the .308 rail shakes loose again I may just take a chance and use Green (bearing retaining) LocTite on it. I don't understand why it shook loose when I was very diligent about cleaning the screw holes and screws with Acetone before mounting the rail. I may have broken the LiocTite on the cap screws loose when checking the torque so I'm not that concerned, right now, with them becoming loose. If they loosen up again it's clean and Red LocTite time.

We'll see what happens next range trip.
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