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Thats fair enough. WWII and he will be in high numbers and not an issue at all.

I do note that while the Slamfire went on and on he did not address the fact that the Corp never turned theirs in and that was not an issue.

I keep hopping to find one of those low serial 1903s so I can buy it.

As noted I shoot a poorly treated bolt and would do the same as long as the gun is in good condition. A lot of factors went into the heat treat issue including bad ammo and you don't see further reports after a certain time period. People were still blowing up perfectly "safe" guns because they were greasing the bullets.

Also of note is to get a Muzzle Wear and Throat Erosion number on a gun you buy to ensure its not shot out.

And are we looking at value or just match up the appearance? Lot of sporters out there that can be converted back though they may be drilled for scopes.
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