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Originally Posted by Pezo

Those first five shots will go somewhere if not on the intended target. Where will they go if your shooting incoherently? Adding a higher capacity weapon won't solve the stray bullets flying everywhere because your half a sleep and scared issue. It may make it worse.
OP here.

This is a really strong point. Bigger ammo capacity does not give a person the excuse to mess up and maybe hit an unintended person behind the real target.

The 5 shots only enforces that I need to be careful for another reason as well.

Also, thank you for the suggestions so far.

1. Practice more. Yes I am already in that process.

2. Get a laser sight for the gun if I am that bad. An expensive option, but a good one.

I like how those allow me to do more with the rounds I have rather than just throwing more.

3. Moonclips? I am always afraid I am going to bend or break a moonclip, or it will wear out too fast. Also sits awkward in a pocket like a speedloader. Still, I can't see any option faster than speedloaders / moonclips if we are talking purely about the action of reloading a revolver. Is there some way to rig up a speedloader pouch backwards so it is on the inside of the belt, and have it still be comfortable and concealable?

4. Get a shotgun if we are talking about home defense. Very valid.

5. Carry 2 pistols. Yep. Makes the conceal thing a bit harder, but it's an option.

6. Speedstrips? I don't like how you can only load about 2 at a time. I can do that with my thumb. I do like how it lines them all up though. Makes the storage easier.

7. Semiauto, clip-fed autoloader? As I mentioned, I want to stick with a revolver for a whole host of other reasons. Certainly a good option for most people though.

8. Higher ammo capacity revolver? I like that idea a lot. It was actually my desired solution at first, but I would likely have to sacrifice caliber size for more ammo. Then the caliber would be so low I can't put down an attacking bear with a 5 shot .357 mag load from nothing more than my conceal and carry gear! (haha) Wanted to make a few people facepalm there. There is something to be said for a concealable all-purpose firearm though. A .357 mag can also throw .38 specials and .38 special +p, so it can be whatever you need.

Not willing to step down from .357? Sure they make an 8 shot .357 mag, ( ) but it is expensive ($1269), not stainless steel, which I wanted for corrosion resistance, and the cylinder is getting too big for comfort while concealing more than 5 .357 rounds. The hammer might catch on the clothes too. Could get a shrouded hammer job done. That is even more money though. S&W's insistence on ECM rifling also prevents me from casting my own lead rounds and using them without fouling the barrel up extra quick too. Could just buy factory ammo, but it is expensive these days.

Originally Posted by colbad

In that my underwear does not have any pockets, I admit that I also would be at a disadvantage reloading a revolver in a firefight at 0400
Haha. Right on.

Originally Posted by g.willikers

What kind of situation are you envisioning that would require more than the five rounds in your revolver?
Allow you the time to reload a revolver in the dark?
To answer your question: Any situation, really, that involves my life on the line. That moment when your mind registers, "You are going to die in the next few moments unless you do something fast, make the right choice, and do it properly. Doing nothing also equals death. You have to be proactive." I've been in one before, and I know what an abundance of adrenaline and / or fear can do to the mind and body. No matter how much a person trains, for a lot of people, it is hard to keep a "cool" when it is for real. Especially the first few times. I hear it gets easier as you keep doing it. To be honest, I am afraid that even though I am ok at the range, when it comes to the moment that is really important, I will freak out, forget half my training, mess up and miss 5 times, or be shaking too much. Lack of confidence, quite frankly. I am also afraid that the adrenaline will make me forget how to reload efficiently even though I have done it 1000 times, and the time it will take me to reload is enough time to close the distance gap, and now the enemy is in my face.

I know that isn't the type of answer Clint Eastwood would say on a firearm forum. Not the type of truthful answer most "manly men" would like to admit to, but let's be honest, it happens to a lot of people, and is a very real problem. Having more rounds you can depend on being in place nearly instantly with next to zero thought, effort, or hindrance (something extremely intuitive) is always desirable.

Again, thank you for all the responses so far. I appreciate the thoughtful solution suggestions.

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