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Yes they do. Ordinary people. Soccer moms and shop teachers and grocery clerks. All they have to do is 1) practice, 2) not listen to people who tell them "that can't be done" and 3) practice some more.

Self defense and life or death situations is usually not the place to plain on using performance stunts.
Uh, ok. I'm not sure what you're suggesting there.

ANYone can learn to shoot accurately at greater than bad breath distance. It takes desire and practice. Nothing more. If someone can learn to shoot aspirins at 10 feet, doesn't it stand to reason that someone can learn to shoot sillhouette sized targets at 25-50-100+ yards?

The NEED or appropriateness of shooting in combat at 100yds with a snub is another question altogether. But the ABILITY is what I'm suggesting. We all have the ability. Some of us just tell ourselves that we can't.

I'll take Mr Jordan defending me at any distance over someone who says "I don't feel comfortable beyond XX range".

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