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-not sure if i should go with a laser or a flash light or a combo, i have one on my XD as thats my defense gun and it works fine.

-im sure the weight is a way to reduce rise while firing, such is the case with my revolvers. As they are designed to be heavy to keep the barrel more stable, as more mass takes more energy to move.

-i personally like the look of the high point, and i will most likely go with the 9 mil C9.

-warranty wise, ive noted that if a hi point had a glitch it was fixed when shipped back to them, and on return you get another magazine and a working pistol, along with great customer support. So personally it seems worth it to me to try, if nothing else i keep returning it, and get magazines for it. and that would also be noted in the porject thread.

-so far as most of my projects work, ill get one take it to the range and test it out as is, and try to get good with the stock sites. once i feel ive gotten experienced with firing and shooting it to a good group. i will start modifications to fix or alter any points i note are an issue, and note them with pictures or video.
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