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Taurus 96, 22 LR.

Man, I was shocked to realize that. Over the last several months, I've sold off a fairly nice accumulation of handguns I had. I just didn't have the time to shoot them anymore, and didn't see any sense in letting them set in the safe, in the dark. I let them go to others who would enjoy them more than I did. Don't regreat selling any of them.

BUT...the other day, I realized I didn't have a 22 revolver anymore. Well wife has one, a Ruger Single-Six, and I've got a really nice Ruger Mk III, 5.5 in bull barrel, and a red dot sight, but I don't have a revolver.

So I had to fix that. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, and the hunt is most of the fun. First I found a nice old model, unconverted three screw Ruger Single-Six. Cool. This would be perfect, and the price was right. But then it turned out to be a 22 magnum only model. I have no use for and no interest in the 22 magnum. Back to the hunt.

A few weeks later, a really NICE five screw Smith & Wesson 22 Target Masterpiece turns up. Really nice, but out of my price range. I was tempted though.

Then a couple of weeks later, I go in and see what I think is another S&W in the 22 case. Price tag is $300.00. Ok, it's not a Smith. Turned out to be a Taurus Model 96, a more or less copy of the Model 17. K-Frame size, six inch barrel, adjustable sights, six shots, blue steel, trigger overtravel stop, wood target style grips. The cylinder flutes and topstrap are grooved marking it as an older one probably from the late 70's or early 80's. The Taurus website doesn't have the s/N (114xxx) in their database. Locks up tight, timing is on, bore is shiney, trigger is decent. A bit of dickering and it went on layaway for $275.00 out the door.

I picked it up yesterday.

It'll do for a plinker.

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