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I don't understand why the weapon someone is using would make them more or less apt to have an ND. I also think assuming that people buy tactical equipment because they are from the video game crowd is rather silly. Some people just think that type of stuff is nifty, and there is no more wrong with that than there is with you finding wood furniture more attractive. It is their money to spend, but as an experienced shooter, you should not try to sway newer shooters toward one type of gun or another. What they do with their money is their choice, and the best way to make sure someone will be happy with their firearm is to let them test out different types in order to see what they like. Maybe they will like a pistol grip, maybe they won't. Either way it doesn't matter as long as they are getting the safety education and training they need/should have.

That being said, I don'y see one as being better than the other overall. I don't think I'd feel comfortable shooting clays with a pistol grip though: seems awkward. Its all personal preference though.
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